Tankyou arrives in Bordeaux and aims the international

Tankyou arrives in Bordeaux and aims the international

The start-up specialized in the delivery of fuel installs its activity in a new city, that of Bordeaux. A start that will be quickly followed by a surge of internationalization. The complete project update with its founder, Ashley Poniatowski.

After Lille, Paris, Lyon and Rungis, Tankyou arrives in Bordeaux. An investment made due to the presence of several customers of the start-up specialized in the delivery of fuel. ” Of all the cities we envisioned, we had more potential, ” says founder Ashley Poniatowski . Many opportunities that allow the company to have the assurance of a minimum turnover that brings the breakeven point.

UPS, Leroy Merlin, Hertz, PSA or Dejbox Services and carriers are all companies that have shown an interest in seeing Tankyou bet on the city Gironde. ” According to our usual methodology, we will put on the road a first truck and then go up , explains the founder.When we have deployed three delivery men, we will recruit a manager to manage the area .”

Brussels in the first quarter

The year 2019 was again marked by growth. The year is expected to end with a turnover of between 6.2 and 6.3 million euros, almost three times last year’s result. Truck companies are among the largest in this balance sheet. On their own, they represent 25% of the volume of business. ” We thought it was a particularly useful service in urban areas, but the latest signatures prove that we are just as relevant in the outlying area ,  says Ashley Poniatowski. Tankyou has just signed with MAN, Iveco and XPO Logistics to supply logistics centers outside the city centers.   

The territorial coverage of Tankyou will expand further in 2020. It will notably cross borders. From the first quarter, it will be question of introducing the service in Brussels. ” An extension of our influence around the Lille region” , translates the leader. In the first half, deliverers will supply vehicles to Toulouse and Nantes, according to the plans. Then, in the second half of the year, the start-up, which aims to triple the turnover in 2020, will turn to ” a country in Southern Europe ,  says Ashley Poniatowski. Quickly, he intends to count a dozen cities.

In the ecosystem of Renault-Ikea

With the builders, Tankyou has some keys, but the concretizations are slow to be put in place. There is nevertheless this proximity with PSA and this project with Toyota-Lexus. A collaboration with the Asian manufacturer that will take a larger dimension, from January with a more ambitious driver. Through the financing subsidiary, 7,000 Lexus will be eligible for the full-scale test in the Paris region. Otherwise, we must mention this new contract with Renault. The diamond brand will associate Tankyou with the fleets present at Ikea.

Tankyou put, moreover, on its own platform. It could be used to monetize information on the state of the fleet of a company fleet. And the founder clarified: ” We have regular contact with the vehicles parked to refuel them, so our teams can take advantage of them to establish reports to be found in the Tankyou dashboard”. Understand that the start-up wants to maximize the turnover generated by displacement. In a context of fuel market made very competitive by retail chains, there is a profitability lever to operate.

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