Lithuania buys RBS-70 missiles from Saab

Lithuania buys RBS-70 missiles from Saab

Lithuania signed a contract for 45 million euros with the Swedish defense company “Saab” for the production and supply of guided missiles for its portable anti-aircraft missile complex (MANPAD) RBS-70, reports BGNES.

The deal is part of the country’s drive to increase its defense spending amid growing regional threats.

According to Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas, the Bolide and MK2 guided missiles will help the Lithuanian military to ensure a more effective implementation of air defense.

“Lithuania is learning from the lessons of Ukraine and focusing on investments in air defense: acquiring air defense systems and strengthening airspace surveillance and control,” the Ministry of Defense said.

The MK-2 guided missiles can hit targets at a distance of up to seven kilometers, and the “Bolide” boasts an improved engine, “Defense Post” reported.

The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania selected the RBS-70 for its short-range air defense system due to its ease of maintenance, increased mobility and immunity to electromagnetic interference.

The system is currently in service with the Air Defense Battalion of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

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