Who are the 10 largest distribution groups in the world?

Who are the 10 largest distribution groups in the world?

The ICDP cabinet revealed who were the 10 largest car dealers in the world in its new study. The Asian and American groups largely dominate this 2019 ranking.

On the occasion of the Grand Prix of Automotive Distribution, Thomas Chieux, co-founder of TCG Conseil , representative of ICDP in France, unveiled the results of the 2019 edition of the study on global distribution groups. To do this, ICDP considered independent groups, excluding branches, and classified them according to their turnover in 2018.

First teaching, the top 10 global groups remained the same compared to the previous edition. Only the order has been slightly modified. With, in first place, as the year before, the Hong Kong group Jardine Matheson, with its 765,000 vehicles sold in total and its 24 billion euros in turnover. Another Chinese group occupies the second place, China Grand Auto, its 1,189,000 vehicles sold and its turnover of 21 billion euros. The third place in this ranking is occupied by an American group, AutoNation, with 613,000 vehicles sold and a turnover of 18 billion euros.

This top 3 is representative of the domination of two countries in this ranking 2019: China and the United States. No less than four Chinese operators appear (Zhongsheng Group in 5th position and Lei Shing Hong Limited in 7th), as much on the American side. In addition to AutoNation, Penske , Lithia Motors and Group 1 Automotive  rank 4th, 9th and 10th, respectively. Chinese and American groups alone have accounted for more than 75% of total sales worldwide, representing around 4.3 million units out of a total of 5.8 million. In terms of turnover, operators in these two countries accounted for 83% of the world’s top 10 at 128 billion out of a total of 153 billion.

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