Audi will reduce the wing

Audi will reduce the wing

As part of a plan to save € 6 billion a year by 2029, the ring brand will remove 9,500 jobs in Germany by 2025. But without dismissal.

Audi announced on Tuesday, November 26, 2019, the removal of 9,500 jobs by 2025 in Germany as part of a program to make 6 billion euros in annual savings by 2029. The mark specifies, in a press release, that the departures will be made in particular by non-replacement of retirements and without dismissal. An employment problem already mentioned during the financial results of the 2018 financial year last spring .

It indicates that the financial means will enable ” to increase competitiveness ” as part of the ” transformation of the automotive industry to electric mobility “. Audi also promised to create 2,000 “new expert positions” in areas related to electric mobility and the connected car, which will be recruited internally as a priority.

Currently around 90,000 people work at Audi, including 60,000 in Germany. The automaker’s sales, revenue and operating profit declined in the first three quarters of the year, while other leading brands in the group and the automotive industry as a whole advanced.

In its third quarter report, the Volkswagen Group noted that the effects of the disorder caused by the entry into force of the new anti-pollution standards, the increase in investment in new technologies and staff costs have weighed on of its high-end subsidiary. ” We can not yet be satisfied with the evolution at Audi, ” said the giant’s financial director, Frank Witter . Faced with the slowdown in the automotive market, Audi will reduce the production capacity of its two German factories that are already suffering from a drop in demand.

The manufacturer launches this restructuring plan a few months before the arrival of a new boss: Markus Duesmann will take the direction of Audi on April 1, 2020 , for a new start after the Stadler era tainted by the diesel scandal. He will replace Bram Schot , who in January 2019 took the management of Audi after acting in the wake of the departure in June 2018 of Rupert Stadler , returned to justice in the scandal of diesel engines rigged. (with AFP).

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