FCA proposes a new comprehensive maintenance contract

FCA proposes a new comprehensive maintenance contract

With its Mopar brand, the FCA Group is launching a new maintenance contract called Total Care. Deployed for all brands of the manufacturer, it is flexible and valid throughout Europe.

Maintenance contracts are a win-win for brands and consequently for dealers. They effectively guarantee a regular turnover and naturally retain the customer. With this in mind, the FCA Group is expanding its range of services through its Mopar brand, dedicated to the manufacturer’s after-sales service.

Mopar is therefore proposing a new maintenance contract valid for private and commercial vehicles. Deployed on all brands of the group (Fiat, Fiat professional, Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, etc.), the maintenance contract, called Total Care, is intended to be comprehensive. It covers manufacturer maintenance, replacement of wear parts, extended warranty and includes 12-month roadside assistance.

Valid throughout Europe, the contract targets both individuals and businesses. It covers private vehicles for up to 5 years or 150,000 kilometers (maximum 5 years or 200,000 km for utilities) and can be sold in case of resale. Rates are also flexible depending on the number of years or kilometers that the user wants to cover. For example, it will take a monthly payment of 23 euros for a Fiat 500 over 3 years or 30 000 km and 40 euros / month for a Jeep Renegade diesel over 4 years or 80 000 km.

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