Uber banned from exercising in London

Uber banned from exercising in London

The VTC company is no longer licensed to offer its services in London. The public transport agency in London believes that the platform has too much risk of failure of its computer system.

Transport for London (TfL), the public body that regulates transport in the British capital, has decided to suspend the license to practice in Uber, because of flaws in its computer system that allows thousands of drivers to work then that they do not have the permit. The TfL notes this loophole that would have allowed unlicensed drivers to install their photo on accounts of other drivers, which has occurred on at least 14,000 trips in recent months. Similarly, another platform failure, which allows unlicensed drivers to create active accounts on the VTC platform, would have been detected.

As early as September 2019, the London Transport Authority had renewed for two months only the license to practice provided new security guarantees. Uber would have made changes, such as an emergency call for users directly on the application, but they are still considered insufficient.

In London, Uber has 45,000 drivers and 3.5 million customers. The capital is one of five cities where Uber generates a quarter of its global revenue The removal of the license of Uber would therefore have adverse consequences on its accounts so that already loses hundreds of millions of dollars.

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