Saab CEO on espionage: it happens all the time

Saab CEO on espionage: it happens all the time

On May 30, it became known that the U.S. NSA was spying on Swedish politicians and business circles in Sweden. However, every new plane of the Swedish industrial concern Saab is a target for hackers and spies, and the company repels hacking attacks every day. Therefore CEO Mikael Johansson is not at all surprised that intelligence agencies are trying to get hold of secret, but so coveted information. He said this in an interview with the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

“They want our technology and sometimes the way we produce our products. Few people completely design an airplane exclusively digitally like we do. We can basically work from a physical model of a fighter jet as well as from an ordinary iPhone: upgrading the functionality itself without compromising flight safety. I can tell you that this is exactly the kind of achievement that we are so advocating,” Johansson told me.

“How do you realize that espionage is increasing?” the reporter asked.

“We notice people trying to attack us, which we’re resisting. But we don’t know who’s doing it,” Johansson stated.

“Does this happen on a daily basis?” the reporter asked.

“Absolutely, and there are a lot of such attacks,” the SAAB head replied.

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