Saab EX, which was not…

Saab EX, which was not…

A luxury coupé would fit the Saab model range like a glove! But the Swedes somehow could not decide to build such a car. That’s why a certain Norwegian did it, who made this interesting vehicle from the models 900 and 9000.

Per Ekstrøm from Oslo, who professionally deals with building car bodies, wanted to prepare an unusual gift for his favorite brand on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the birth of his favorite brand. In 1997, he created a coupé that included stylistic elements of almost all Saab models produced in 1947-97. The result of his work is an interesting vehicle based on the Saab 9000, with elements of the body of the 900 models, whose silhouette is supposed to resemble the Saab 93 (1955-1960).

Saab EX – 1:10 scale model as a reference

The basis for the construction of the car was the 9000 CC model from 1987, which was to be scrapped after rolling over. Per Ekstrøm shortened the wheelbase of the vehicle to the size of the classic Saab 900 (1979-93). Saab donated the body of the 900 from 1992, and Ekstrøm used additional parts from the 3-door 900 II (1994). From the Saab 9000 CD comes the engine, transmission, electrics and running gear. The constructor first built a 1:10 scale model to better assess the proportions of the new car. “To recreate the proportions of the roof of the first Saab, I wanted to use elements from the 93 model, but it turned out to be too narrow for my construction.”

Saab EX – Rear window from the Saab 900 Convertible

Some parts of the car came to the designer in a strange way. The rear window is from the 900 Convertible. Unfortunately, the element was not available separately, so you would have to buy the whole roof. Fortunately, Ekstrøm found a damaged roof, with all the glass, in a garbage container of a friend’s workshop.

The premiere of the coupé took place exactly on the company’s 50th birthday. Per named the car EX – E for Evolution, and X for unknown. And the salary for 4000 hours of work? First prize for the best Saab makeover in the category “People’s Choice” at one of Saab’s festivals in its lair – Trollhättan.

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