Musk denies reports of Tesla vehicles being used for espionage

Musk denies reports of Tesla vehicles being used for espionage

Tesla founder Elon Musk denied reports that the company’s electric cars could be used for espionage purposes in China or any other country, the Guardian newspaper writes.

Speaking via video link at the China Development Forum, Musk commented on reports that the Chinese authorities will restrict the use of Tesla electric vehicles by the military due to a possible threat to national security.

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“We have a strong incentive to ensure the confidentiality of any information. If Tesla used cars to spy in China or elsewhere, we would shut down,” the entrepreneur said.

He also noted that the two largest economies in the world, the United States and China, need to trust each other more.

Earlier, the Wall Street Joutnal newspaper, citing sources, reported that the Chinese government believes that the electric vehicles of the American manufacturer Tesla can pose a threat to national security, therefore, it will restrict their use by the military, employees of strategic enterprises and government departments. According to the newspaper, a number of Chinese government departments have asked their employees not to travel to work in electric cars.

According to sources, owners of Tesla cars are prohibited from entering the territory of houses where employees of strategically important enterprises and government agencies live.

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