Renault offers 130 agencies to take over

Renault offers 130 agencies to take over

The manufacturer organizes, on November 30, 2019, the 15th edition of its show of recovery and creation. On this occasion, Renault is looking for 130 investors to join its secondary network.

Renault is looking for 130 entrepreneurs, who have an experience in car repair or in business, to join its network of agents. To do this, the manufacturer organizes the 15th edition of the Salon of recovery and creation of agencies, which takes place simultaneously on November 30, 2019 in 6 cities of France: Bordeaux (33), Carquefou (44), Bouc-Bel -Air (13), Villers-Lès-Nancy (54), Saint-Priest (69) and Argenteuil (95).

Organized in collaboration with the CNPA and Exco, an accounting firm, the show is an opportunity for potential investors to take over agencies of all sizes and join a network of 3,300 institutions in the country.

As a reminder, no entry fee is required to take over an agency but it takes an investment of 150,000 euros on average. According to the manufacturer, the average profitability of a Renault agency is between 5 to 8%. It is in the upper range when the establishment has a VO activity.

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