That’s not the SAAB your dad drove. It knows how to shoot down drones

That’s not the SAAB your dad drove. It knows how to shoot down drones

Experience in recent years has shown that all those formidable military vehicles and armoured personnel carriers are utterly useless if you have no anti-aircraft support and the skies are full of drones.

That’s why defence companies around the world are now working to improve existing and develop new air defence systems. Sweden’s SAAB, which first made aeroplanes, then cool machines, and last week introduced something called the MSHORAD, has not been spared from the process. Hiding behind the acronym Mobile Short Range Air Defense System, the vehicle consists of a transporter, RBS 70 NG missile system, Giraffe 1X 3D radar and is supposed to be a nightmare for drones. Did you think the Swedes only sell furniture?

According to SAAB, the system can be mounted on anything, on the roof of any vehicle or building. But it’s clear that the thing on a car is, firstly, more mobile, and secondly, it can evade enemy return fire, because drones don’t just fly around either. The radar can see in all directions up to 75 kilometres away and shoot down the detected target day and night with the same accuracy.

By the way, for the test SAAB used not its own transport but the Czech SVOS Mars. The tests took place throughout last year, and this year it will be possible to see the MSHORAD presentation in action.

I wish sooner, maybe even a test batch will be handed over to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, to suppress Russian drones. But as they say in the fight against Putin all methods are good

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