Diac connects launches of digital tools

Diac connects launches of digital tools

The French subsidiary of RCI Bank & Services is delivering a number of projects this year aimed at digitizing points of sale. In particular, it launched the DiacBox last June and continues with an interface dedicated to the financial departments of the groups. Balance sheet.

Historically Diac considers serving three customers: individuals, fleets and dealers. The least that can be said is that the French subsidiary of RCI Bank & Services has sought to please each one of them this year with various programs aimed at integrating its solutions into the digitalisation era. An approach that seeks to simplify their journey, explains one in the group.

Last June, the financial captive launched DiacBox. It is a mobile solution (tablet or smartphone) reserved for commercial advisers by which they can realize the buyers’ financing files. The interface gives visibility on the transmission of information, on the state of progress of the processing, on the details to be completed if necessary, but also on the profile of the business customers, on the commercial offers in progress and provides a system alert to restart contacts.

The DiacBox creates a direct link between the concession seller and the Diac advisor who certifies the conformity of the elements and validates the files. In less than six months of gradual roll-out, network membership achieves honorable scores. 2,300 sales representatives are equipped with them, representing 55% of Renault and Nissan concession resources. 2,000 of them use it frequently, says Thibault Paland , Diac’s general manager. ” We are committed to make it now indispensable, it means that we will further improve the experience, ” he begins. The DiacBox will also add a photo module to download the IDs without having to go through the scanner stage.

Everything is done to maximize the time of exchange and fluidity during the discovery phase of the client. The Director General does not yet draw up a balance sheet or a correlation between the equipment rate and the statistics on the penetration of funding. The DiacBox arrives however in a favorable environment. In Renault, Nissan and Dacia dealerships, 87% of VN and VO buyers subscribe to a financing contract by means of an electronic signature. A growth curve that Thibault Paland welcomes.

Tracking outstanding

The other major project of the Diac is directed to the directorates of the concession groups. The subsidiary of RCI Bank & Services is starting to offer them, in the form of a personalized portal, an application that provides real-time tracking of outstandings for VN, VO and spare parts stocks. The network space is accessible on tablet, mobile phone or computer; it adapts to all the mobilities of the dealers. This tool allows the dealers to be much more autonomous in their management “, presents the director.In addition to outstanding, the portal integrates the statistics of commercial performances.  

As much information is given at the scale of brands and sites, according to daily records, cumulative to have a monthly view. Diac wants distribution plate management to gain financial management. Even if the list of developments remains substantial, especially to facilitate the extraction of files to inject into other systems bases seduce and the reception is positive. 80% of Renault concessions and 70% of Nissan have adopted this solution.

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