The 10 highlights of the auto market in November 2019: turbid period

The 10 highlights of the auto market in November 2019: turbid period

The French market of the new VP announces well and truly stable: here is what the figures indicate. However, it is difficult to take a clear look at the performance of manufacturers, as the variables influencing their results are numerous.

0.65% : the small increase in the French market for new PV in November 2019, in raw data. This mixed result is related to a weak base last year, caused by the application of the WLTP cycle. However, this growth is well above the comparable number of working days, ie + 11.3%, given that the month of November 2018 had two additional working days compared to November 2019 (21 days versus 19 days). This increase of 0.65% corresponds to 172,735 new VP registrations. Since the beginning of the year, the market has registered a slight decline of 0.25%, a trend consistent with CCFA forecasts.

56.2% : the market share of French groups in November 2019, compared with 42.52% for foreign groups. No big changes here since these penetrations were almost identical a year earlier. Last month, this market share of French groups was slightly higher at 57.9%. PSA achieved a penetration of 31.55%, a slight decrease of 1.5 points compared to the previous month. At Renault, it was 24.64%.

-7.04%: the disappointment recorded by PSA this month of November 2019. The group has sold 54 503 new VP, or about 4 100 units less than the same period of the previous year, which, however, had not already been very carrier. Only DS was able to boast of having seen its registrations grow, from 2.08% to 2,011 units. A growth allowed by the additional sales of its DS3 Crossback (976 units), which offset the sharp decline of its big brother DS7 Crossback (944 units or -29%). Gray mine for the other brands of the group, starting with Opel literally plunges 37.65% to 3 801 units, but also Peugeot, with nearly -4% and just over 31,500 units. Only a few models of the lion brand have seen an increase in their registrations, including the Rifter, the 508 II, not to mention the 208 second generation with nearly 6,500 units sold. Finally, Citroën saw a decline of 3.17%, just under 17,200 units, with C3 and C3 Aircross in decline.

+ 11.53%: the sharp increase of Renault in November 2019. Unlike its competitor, Renault was in the green this month with more than 42,500 VP sold against 38,163 in November 2018. The diamond brand has largely contributed to this great performance with a 27% increase and a nice volume of nearly 9,000 units procured by his Clio V while the Captur, old and new generation, is doing well. This rise on the side of Renault compensated for the decline of Dacia, by 21%, while Alpine, with its 175 units, signed a 53% increase. The difference between the two groups is not particularly due to tactical sales, Renault having not unusually abused it in November 2019. Within the group, these registrations weighed just over 30% of the total, and a little more a quarter at PSA.

-76.19% : the worst performance among the largest brands in the French market. This is Smart whose volumes were limited to 170 units against 714 in November 2018, because of two models in loss. While Fortwo volumes fell 76% to 130 units, those of Forfour fell 78% to 40 units. The brand is clearly at the agony on this French market, with decreases on all channels, especially on the private market. Also note the disappointments in this month of Suzuki, -38.2% and 1,464 units, Opel -37.65% or Mini -24.6% and less than 2,000 units.

+642.1% : the best performance in November 2019, to be awarded to Porsche. It must be said that the brand was going through a very hollow moment a year ago back. The volume of registrations reached 616 units in November 2019, with a main explanation for this great performance: the delivery of Cayenne hybrids. In other good performances, those of Nissan with + 40.1%, which, like Porsche started from a very low point but also could rely on its aggressive promotional offers on his Qashqai restyled. Land Rover is also a little out of the water thanks to its Evoque, registered at 299 units. The brand has seen its overall volume grow by 36% to 657 units.

8,962 : the volume of the best-selling vehicle in November 2019. This is the fifth generation Clio, on the top of the podium, far ahead of the 208 second generation, at 6,487 units, then the 3008 second generation also, to 6,263 copies. The fourth step of the podium is reserved for the third-generation C3, with 5,901 units, while the top five is completed by Captur first generation at 4,706 units.

-15.9% : the decline of the private channel. With 73,505 registrations, this channel accounted for only 42.55% of the total volume in November 2019, an ever smaller share, month by month, than the previous year. Fortunately, the other healthy channel, that of the professionals, has made up for this bad performance. While registrations increased by nearly 11.2% for companies and administrations to 25,306 units, those for long-term renters increased by 21.4% to more than 22,384 units. Overall, professionals accounted for 27.6% of the total volume.

34.19% : the share of diesel in total registrations. 59,000 new diesel VPs were sold, a limited decrease volume of 2.7. %. Registrations in petrol rose slightly by 0.8% to 97,350 units, a figure which accounted for 56.36% of the total. Hybrid models saw their registrations climb by 11.2% or 11,694 units and a market share of 6.77%. Electricity, however, fell below 2%, or 1.85% precisely, with 3 201 copies, a volume down by nearly 10%. Overall, vehicles with alternative engines, including LPG, CNG, Flexfuel, accounted for 16,323 units or 9.44% of the total.

-6% : the decline in the LCV market by 3.5 tonnes in November 2019, on a gross basis of just over 37,000 units. The two main brands have experienced various fortunes in this market, a plunge of 12% for Renault to less than 12,000 units, and + 3% to 6,900 for Peugeot.

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