Xavier Bertrand listens to the automobile professionals at CNPA

Xavier Bertrand listens to the automobile professionals at CNPA

Dissatisfied with the announcements of the Minister of the Economy on the removal of the penalty, the CNPA organized a meeting around Xavier Bertrand, president of the Hauts-de-France region. Distributors, worried, are fed up with the government’s lack of listening.

I am not very pessimistic but I am very worried and I am afraid that we are witnessing a real stoppage in the registrations for the first two months of the year 2020 “: Jean-Paul Lempereur , president of the eponymous distribution group in the Hauts-de-France, says a lot about the concern of distributors and the removal of the penalty motor, from 172 g of CO2 per km, confirmed by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy , during the day of the car platform, did not reassure the professionals, far from it.For Xavier Horent, general delegate of the professional organization, “the ads are clearly not at the level of what the car is going on today and the aid granted is based on snake powder. Who can believe that motorists will not register elsewhere in France these vehicles surcharges? It is obvious that the envelope of 50 million euros will very quickly be reduced to a trickle .

For Francis Bartholomew , national president of the CNPA, ” the money from automotive taxes must go back to the automobile and not to the industry.The 50 million euros generated by the removal of the penalty will go to benefit the industry and not services that serve as shock absorbers for manufacturers.Remembered regret that this super malus is not used to open the bonus for rechargeable hybrids or keep the full bonus especially for electric vehicles companies.

Coinciding with the calendar or not, it was on December 2nd, 2019, also, that the CNPA invited Xavier Bertrand , president of Hauts-de-France, for a meeting with all the trades represented by the union.

Unlike many politicians who fall easily into the automobile bashing, Xavier Bertrand has decided to position himself in favor of the sector. “The only lobbying that can work is the one of employment.There needs to be more powerful lobbying to show that this will impact all the branches, including those of the services and not only the industry”, explains the president of region before elected representatives of the NFPC. It should also support the trade union in the drafting of a white paper whose objective is to restore the truth about polluting emissions and greenhouse gases.

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