VO: professionals lose ground in November 2019

VO: professionals lose ground in November 2019

While the second-hand car market recorded a growth of 2% in gross data for the month of November 2019, the market share of professionals fell slightly to 37.5%.

While the majority of second-hand vehicle transactions are made by switching hands between individuals, professionals are not left behind. Of the 463,429 OVs registered in November 2019, 37.5% of them were through professionals. A proportion down more than one point from October 2019, when they had a market share of 38.92% .

Nevertheless, by accumulating the first 11 months of the year, professional channels account for 38.8% of sales and are thus on the way to record one of the best years in 10 years. For the record, in 2009, professionals aggregated 31.8% of VO transactions.

Sales decline of less than 2 years 

In detail, for the month of November 2019, the decline can be explained in particular by the decline in VO sales of less than two years, a segment in which the pros are the majority with around 63% of PDM. Thus this age group has 84,477 registrations over the past month, according to data AAA Data, more than 15,000 units less than last October.

In addition, the decline of professionals is also explained by their share in the segment of 2 to 5 years. While this age group progresses with 87 729 hand changes (+ 3%), but professionals are losing ground and only accumulate 50.5% of sales, there they usually do at least 1 or 2 points more.

VOs from 5 to 8 years, for their part, held for less than a third by professionals, lost ground, with 56 254 registrations the segment reveals a fall of 7% compared to last year. Finally, vehicles over 8 years old – more than three quarters in the hands of private individuals – progress and register 141 981 registrations at + 5%.

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