Bioethanol-E85: more than 1600 service stations on the territory

Bioethanol-E85: more than 1600 service stations on the territory

The Bioethanol Collective unveils the latest figures of the deployment of infrastructures to refuel in E85. In France, the network is expanding by two new stations per day.

Superethanol, known as E85, is growing every day. The French are using more and more, and the month of October 2019 has even recorded a peak consumption. With 34 million liters sold this month, consumption has increased 87% year-over-year. For the record, the consumption of bioethanol has even increased by 55% in 2018 compared to the previous year.

In addition, the conversion boxes, now offered by four manufacturers including Biomotors and FlexFuel, further deploy the fuel. ” We have installed 15,000 units in 2018 and we are at a rate of 2,500 installations per month, ” confirms Alexis Landrieu , founder of Biomotors.

To support this growth, the increase in distribution points is well underway. Thus, according to the Bioethanol Collective, two new additional stations offer it every day in France. If at the end of September 2019, the association raised 1467 service stations, the bar of the 1,600 distribution points has just been exceeded in the national territory.

Since November 19, 2019, 1,601 stations have been identified, 500 more in a year. Some regions are better endowed than others. Occitanie and Hauts-de-France have the highest ratio of stations, with 26% and 22% of E85 distribution points, respectively. The service stations that offer it are all listed on the “My E85 Stations” application, which currently counts 50,000 users.

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