Used vehicles: diesel resists

Used vehicles: diesel resists

While the second-hand market rose in November 2019, diesel vehicles benefited from the boom, registering even a few hundred more registrations compared to November 2018.

With 463,429 OVs registered in November 2019 , according to data provided by AAAData, the market grew by 2%, even though the month was two working days less than November 2018. And despite the many incentives, including regulatory, for to turn away from diesel-powered vehicles, it seems that this engine resists.

According to AutoScout24, nearly 273,200 diesel vehicles have been registered in the past month, more than 300 units as compared to November 2018. While diesel is losing some ground in terms of its market share, it is still stands at 59%. ” The conversion to petrol engines seems to be slowing down and diesel engines are recording a very slight increase in volume, ” said Vincent Hancart , CEO of AutoScout24 France.

Regarding gasoline engines, with more than 179 000 traded VO, its market share is 38.7%, still according to AutoScout24, against nearly 38% in November 2018. According to Vincent Hancart, the rush towards gasoline is stabilizing and is done in a much more balanced way than what we saw last year.

In detail, overall sales of vehicles aged 6 to 10 years are declining (-3%), especially since this age group is trusted by the VO diesel. ” About 75% of VOs from 6 to 10 years are diesel, which is why this segment continues to suffer, ” says the leader of AutoScout24. Essentially, gasoline is grappling with market shares in this age group.   

EVs in a slowdown

Regarding alternative engines, if the hybrid records a few hundred more registrations, about 7,000 against 6,450 units last year, its market share remains stable at 1.5%. On the other hand the electric is in loss of speed and displays some tens of second hands in less compared to the same period last year.

With around 1,760 EV sold, electric represents less than 0.4% of the market share. This setback is likely due to the lack of offers on the market. ” Alternative energies are stalling after the enthusiasm observed during the last quarter of 2018, due to limited offers, confirms Vincent Hancart More than ever, stocks of professionals must be in line with the market demand that is changing rapidly” , he warns.

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