RCM establishes itself in Switzerland

RCM establishes itself in Switzerland

The group headed by Ronan Chabot, already present in Belgium, continues its internationalization thanks to the acquisition of a Mercedes-Benz branch in Switzerland.

RCM to conquer Europe! Present for seven months in Belgium thanks to the acquisition of the group Piret distributing Mercedes-Benz , the operator is now setting up in a new country: Switzerland. Thanks to the acquisition of the Ring Garages AG branch in the Chur city of south-eastern Switzerland, Ronan Chabot will officially be able to boast of being present in a new country on the European continent. . The sale includes all commercial vehicles and commercial and industrial vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Unimog and Fuso brands. The contracts of the 100 employees have been included in their entirety, says the operator.

The new sale of a branch follows the logic initiated by the brand to the star. In recent years, the German has sold several of its subsidiaries to major independent commercial partners, including RCM, which through this strategy, for example , was able to take over the Lille plate Mercedes-Benz from 2013 . A successful operation that motivated this new sale to the operator, as explained by Marc Langenbrick , CEO of Mercedes-Benz Switzerland.

“With the RCM Group, we have found an extremely efficient and progressive partner for the Ring Garage AG Chur, which is already a benchmark in terms of market share and customer satisfaction for passenger cars, trucks and utility vehicles. We are confident that we can further consolidate our success with RCM in Graubünden . “

“Positioning ourselves as one of Europe’s leading retailers”

And Ronan Chabot does not intend to stop there, his desire to continue its international deployment had already been expressed during its establishment in Belgium. ‘ These are our first steps outside our borders. But they will not be the last ones. Even if Belgium has the advantage of being French-speaking with a distribution model not too far from France, the evolution requires to be approached with a lot of humility “, explained then at the time the leader.

” The acquisition of Ring Garage AG Chur is an important step forward for us as one of Europe’s leading retailers, and it is very important for us to be able to count on our know-how. and the passion of all employees so that the star shines even more intensely in Graubünden . “

Intrepid national distributors

This last movement shows the thirst for expansion of French groups that are increasingly numerous to cross the borders of France. Belgium has quickly become the privileged territory of our national operators. One of the first to lead the way was Car Avenue , with Mercedes-Benz VP, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Smart and more recently Nissan and Toyota through the acquisition of Ital Group . Not to mention its presence in Luxembourg with Nissan, Toyota, Peugeot, Citroën and Kia. Another precursor, Maurin , which has established itself in Belgium since 2016, via the creation of the Infiniti Brussels Center.

The Nissan, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan brands followed suit, with the latest move taking over a Mercedes-Benz dealership and a Ford panel . Two other operators quickly followed the trend, Pautric , through its historic BMW brand, also developed in Belgium, then RCM, with Mercedes-Benz. Switzerland remains for the moment a less popular territory for national distributors, since only ByMyCar , via nine concessions Peugeot and Ford, and Maurin, through two Nissan sites, and now RCM have laid their ground.

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