Peugeot 2008: top speed

Peugeot 2008: top speed

Peugeot continues the renewal of its segment B: after the 208, it is the turn of 2008 to benefit from a new generation. More assertive style, enriched equipment and mechanical convincing, the compact SUV has everything a future bestseller.

2019 will have been a pivotal year for Peugeot, which is renewing its B-segment stars: first the 208 city car at the end of the summer, and today the 2008, which is not at all trivial, knowing that, on the Old Continent, this segment represents not less than 40% of its sales. For this second generation, the thread of the Peugeot teams was clear: make this model-closer to a break in its first version- a real SUV. The one that will certainly appeal to customers around the world who have never been so fond of this type of body.

The least we can say is that the bet was won for this second generation who has indeed adopted the codes of any self-respecting SUV. On the program: a tall, flat, horizontal hood, an imposing vertical grille, pronounced wheel arches, much more angular features compared to the previous generation. And this, while taking again the characteristics of the SUV of the mark. The LED daytime running lights (or eco LED for both entry-level versions) integrated in a black banner, give it a family look of the 3008.

Good habitability

Another key element of the aesthetic evolution of the model, dimensions revised. The new 2008 loses 2 cm in height to limit the impact on aerodynamics. He gained 15 cm in length to reach 4.30 m, more than most of his competitors and 7 cm more than Captur. The wheelbase has benefited, reaching 2.60 cm, which benefits the habitability especially for the passengers in the back. The volume of the boot also benefits from these changes, from 350 to 405 l, which can even reach 434 l taking into account the space of 29 l under the floor. Not to mention the 30 liters of storage space in the cabin.

Inside precisely, not really surprises since the 2008 resumes the dashboard of the 208, worked, without being too much. Its foamed plastic at the top of the console, its chrome keys, its ergonomic piano keys placed below a touch screen of 7 ” to 10 ” depending on the finishes provide this impression of quality. The 10 ” i-cockpit, available from the second trim level (Active, Allure, GT Line and GT) completes the range of a neat interior. However, it is possible to blame for hard plastic counterpacks, a concern set from the GT Line finish. But overall, the overall presentation is qualitative. On the aesthetic level, Peugeot signs a real evolution, very successful.

Technological content

The presence of a large number of safety equipment, most of which come from the 508, confirms the upmarket strategy. With the key, the series semi-autonomous driving on the highest finish GT (automatic transmission version) and optional from the second finish. A technology enabled by the adaptive cruise control and help maintain the position in the track. The entry-level Active is however not stripped of safety equipment, far from it: cruise control / speed limiter, rear parking assist, automatic emergency braking with collision alert alert, active warning of unintentional crossing. line, or the extensive recognition of the panels and the alert attention driver by camera make up the arsenal available on the entry level.

The latter should still represent 20% of sales of the compact SUV. The rearview camera is added to the Allure top level, while the Safety Plus package, including automatic daytime and nighttime emergency braking, is standard on GT Line.

A convincing palette of engines

In terms of engines, the 2008 offers the catalog two diesel engines, the BlueHDI 100 hp and 130 associated with the six-speed manual transmission, as well as 3 cylinders gasoline declined in 100, 130 and 155 hp, with, for 130 and 155 ch, the automatic transmission 8 reports. Not to mention the 100% electric version, available in the spring of 2020 with its 50 kWh battery, its 136 hp maximum and its autonomy of 320 km in WLTP.

And since gasoline is expected to account for as much as 80% sales, we put ourselves in the driving position with the 130cc Puretech 3 cylinder, paired with the six-speed manual and GT Line. The declination 100 hp, which should however represent the majority of sales in France, not being available to the test. Although camped on its 18 ” wheels that do not alter a good damping, the 2008 equipped with this combination box / engine offers a lively driving, convincing occasions and impeccable handling.

Its soft and precise direction allows the driver to swallow the kilometers in a total serenity and a cozy comfort. Only the 3-cylinder a little sound slightly disturbs this atmosphere, especially with the Sport mode engaged causing a sound too fake present. To emphasize that this engine of 130 hp has absolutely nothing to envy in terms of dynamism to the declination of the 3 cylinders PureTech of 155 ch, badly helped by a programmed automatic gearbox to limit the consumption. In this regard, the 130 hp displays 6.5 l / 100 km (homologated to 5.7 l / 100 according to WLTP or 129 g of CO2), on a route mixing departmental and winding roads.

Peugeot’s bestseller in 2020?

Aesthetics, equipment, driving pleasure, the second generation of the compact SUV seems to have been equipped with all the necessary assets to remain on the podium of the models of the brand at Lion in France. Can you become the bestseller? ”  208 should get on the top step of the podium next year, followed by the 2008 then the 3008 , details Guillaume Clerc , project leader brand news 208 and 2008. We have the ambition to double the Captur even if this bet can to be complicated because we do not have the same approach in our commercial strategy, especially at the level of tactical sales. 

But so many qualities have a price, and Peugeot shows us with its 2008 whose inflation reaches about 2,000 euros compared to the previous generation. The compact SUV is changing, in essence, from 21 500 up to 32 900 euros for the GT version. Our trial version is trading at 27,600 euros. In diesel, count between 23 100 and 31 200 euros and 31 100 euros in electric, ecological bonus of 6 000 euros withdrawn.

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