How Nissan Lille took advantage of the Champions League

How Nissan Lille took advantage of the Champions League

On the sidelines of the inevitable football competition, Nissan Europe organized an event in Lille. A real boon to the site of the Emil Frey France group that has broken all its attendance records. Back on this spotlight.

Some 600 people gathered at Sand Automobiles on November 23, 2019. Never seen in this Nissan dealership located in Hellemmes, on the edge of Lille (59). Owned by the Emil Frey France group , it hosted an exceptional scheme put in place by UEFA, the organizing authority of European football competitions, and Nissan Europe, the partner of the Champions League.  

Each day of the match, a European city where a club engaged in the title race is chosen to set up this type of operation. And if Lille does not play anything on the ground, the local dealer has seized his chance. In addition to the exceptional presence of the coveted Trophy, UEFA has dispatched an ambassador, in the person of Robert Pirès , ex-French international. A cocktail that generated a record traffic in the northern showroom. ” We have achieved the second best performance after the Spanish concession Valencia, ” said a spokesman for Nissan West Europe.

But the real star of this event will be the new Juke. At the dawn of its commercial start, visitors were able to discover the lines and features of the Nissan SUV. ” A competition was organized to win places for the Wednesday night game and so we have recovered a large number of contacts, ” welcomes the commercial team’s one voice. The ballot box still had to finish emptying to transfer the information in the CRM. For the record, children were also eligible for their Facebook quiz, which awarded flag-bearer roles.

This type of event has been gaining fluidity at Nissan for two years now that the Japanese brand has been working closely with UEFA. The two entities go even further, supporting the association Sport dans la Ville. Created in 1998, it aims to support young people by integrating them socially through different sports disciplines and the local branch takes advantage of this less publicized sponsorship.

Electric private sales

What Nissan and UEFA have proposed is only a glorious episode on a busy agenda. The Sand Automobiles concession is devoted to a commercial strategy largely based on events. ” We have become partly dependent on the contribution of the events “, analyzes the director of the North Nissan Pole of Emile Frey France, Christian Ruchot . As a result, many initiatives are credited to his teams. Apart from the traditional Open Days, he regularly organizes private sales.

After two sessions in recent weeks, the next also take place this November 30th weekend and 1 st of December. Inspired by an achievement of the Neubaueur group , the distributor in charge of six concessions will organize an appointment in honor of the electric vehicle. But where his counterpart in the Paris region has put forward used VEs, Christian Ruchot opted for new products. In Hellemmes, thirty Leaf and some utilities will be on sale. ” Our goal is set at 15 orders, but we will be satisfied from the tenth, ” projects the leader of the plate that has invested 25,000 euros in the project.

An operation that coincides with Black Friday and it is not a coincidence. The now famous high transectorial moment will drain of the world which will have the possibility to discover the range VE. However the thermals will have their opportunity. Sand Automobiles intends to sell VN in stock. In this period of tactical registration of vehicles that will suffer the new provisions of the penalty, there is a convergence befitting the dealer.

The leap in sales to companies

On average, his plate comes out 150 VN and as many VO per month. ” We are one of the most successful in France under the Nissan panel “, rejoices Christian Ruchot. A pace that he owes in particular to the good momentum of the BtoB cell introduced in 2017. In Hellemmes, the coordinator of the Enterprise division, Nathalie Michalski, reports that at the end of October 2019, its only activity totaled 368 VN order taking, of which a fleet of 100 vehicles on behalf of Avis Location. In cumulative 2018, his score was 221 orders.

A gap that the responsible justifies by a singular approach. At the price competition of the major lessors, on which it struggles to align itself, it opposes a reactivity vis-à-vis the demand of the customers, but also a range of services, whose fleet management and the anticipation of the expenses refurbishment. ” The 5-year warranty is no stranger to success, ” she says.

Like her colleagues in retail sales, she benefits from a logic of events. She will set up a caravan to present and demonstrate the new qualities of an engine Qashqai in line with the purchase policies in the fleets. It will mostly criss-cross the ZACs.

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